Friday, November 17, 2006

Publisher Calls Book a Confession by O. J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson - Regan Books - Report - New York Times: "Ms. Regan acknowledged, however, that Mr. Simpson, who was acquitted of criminal charges in the slayings, did not say directly in the book or the interview that he killed his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald L. Goldman. Rather, he spoke about the murders in the hypothetical sense, a stance that admits nothing and could be viewed as a denial.

Ms. Regan also said she was told that the advance and royalties for the book, which was written with an uncredited ghostwriter, would go to Mr. Simpson’s children and not to him. Mr. Simpson owes $33.5 million plus accumulated interest to the victims’ families after being judged responsible for the deaths in civil court.

Mr. Simpson lives in Florida, where homestead laws protect a person’s house against seizure for the payment of court judgments. His pension from the National Football League, which has been estimated at $400,000 a year, also cannot be seized. With no other obvious income, there has been little for the victims’ families to recover."

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